Profile of Wang Xiaomei
Born in Beijing in 1964. Her parents and family being closely associated with the visual arts, she herself became interested in traditional Chinese ink painting at an early age. At the age of 17, she first began to study with the famous artist Xu Zhan. Then, she became a student of Gao Guanhua, a famous calligrapher and artist, and a professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1986 and 1990 her works were exhibited at galleries in Singapore and England, and were also published several times in the Renminjibao (People's Daily) and Beijing Qingnianbao (Beijing Youth Daily) newspapers.

In 1990, she went to Japan to study and, the very same year, received the Special Award at the Minoh City Art Festival. In 1991, her first one-woman exhibition in Japan was mounted in Suita City. After that, for several years she taught Chinese ink painting at eight different arts associations from Osaka to Kobe.  She also established the Xiaomei Society for Ink Painting and the Center for Chinese Traditional Culture.

In 1998, an extensive exhibition of her works was opened in her native Beijing, at the National Museum of China, formerly known as the Museum of Chinese History. The opening ceremony of her exhibition featured speeches by Shi Shuqing, a famous Chinese art historian and connoisseur, and her teacher, Professor Gao Guanhua. In their speeches they said that “Her works express the wealth of Chinese tradition and artistic culture. At the same time, the very spirit of her art incorporates in its subject matter and style the continuity and development of Chinese culture. Breathing new life into the historic traditions of Chinese art, the artist has also added to them the most striking achievements of Japanese ink painting. She has her own understanding and views of the objects she portrays, and her works have their own vivid and strong creative personality.”
Also in 1998, the Beijing television studio Shichahai dedicated an entire program to her life and creative path.

In 2004, her work “Wisteria and Birds” received the Special Award of Excellence from the Millet Friendship Society in Japan, and her works were recognized as the best at various exhibitions of that association's branches in Japan.

In 2010, a special one-woman exhibition was held at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her arrival in Japan. It was at that time that she presented the city of Nishinomiya with her work “Impressions of Shukugawa, Nishinomiya” which depicts the beautiful cherry blossoms near the village of Shukugawa, near Nishinomiya (the picture now hangs in the local administration). At the exhibition opening, the mayor of Nishinomiya noted that for many years Wang Xiaomei had contributed to the development of Nishinomiya with her art, and expressed gratitude for Wang Xiaomei's contribution to the city's cultural life. There were a number of publications about her in Asahi and Mainichi newspapers.

Public Service
2003  One-woman Exhibition at the Consulate of China in Osaka; proceeds from the exhibition were donated to SARS victims
2011  One-woman Exhibition to benefit victims of the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in eastern Honshu; proceeds from the exhibition at Hankyu Department Store in Nishinomiya were donated to the Japanese Red Cross

Personal History as an artist
1982  student of the late Gao Guanhua, famous artist and professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
1986    works exhibited in Singapore
1988    works exhibited in Manchester Chinese Arts Exhibition, in UK
1988  editor in charge of arts in a magazine publishing company
1990  came to Japan and studied Asian Arts History at Osaka Kyoiku University
1990    received a Special Award at the 33rd Minoh City Art Festival
1991    held her first one-woman exhibition in the Hall for Osaka ForeignStudents, Suita City
1993    second one-woman exhibition in Toyonaka City Gallery         her work received honorable mention in the fourth Shunjuu Art Circles
Exhibition (Osaka Municipal Museum of VisualArts)         third one-woman exhibition in Fujita Gallery, Nishinomiya
1994    fourth one-woman exhibition in Amagasaki Cultural Center
1998    fifth one-woman exhibition in the State Museum of China, Beijing, sponsored by the National Museum of China and Chinese Collectors Association. Some of the works were donated to the museum. Her work was also featured on Beijing TV in a separate show of the famous Shichahai program.
2000    sixth one-woman exhibition in Takarazuka International Center
2003   seventh one-woman exhibition in Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Gallery, Nishinomiya,
charity exhibition for SARS. Her work “Clear Sky” and all of the proceeds from the exhibition were donated to the Consulate of China in Osaka.
2004    works exhibited at Kyoto China-Japan Arts exhibits at the request of the Consulate of China in Osaka        received the Special Award of Excellence at the 12th exhibition of the Millet
Friendship Society of France as well as that of Japan
May 2005  donated her work “Spring Shadow” to the hospital at Hyogo University of Medicine immediately after the train accident on the JR Fukuchiyama
Dec. 2005   eighth one-woman exhibition at Art Hall Kobe
Dec. 2006    works exhibited at “Seven Female Artists of Kobe” exhibits at Art Hall Kobe
May 2007   ninth one-woman exhibition at Gallery SHIMA, Nishinomiya, Shukugawa
Sep. 2009    tenth one-woman exhibition at Gallery SHIMA, Nishinomiya, Shukugawa
Sep. 2010    eleventh one-woman exhibition at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Oct. 2011   one-woman Charity Exhibition for the victims of Tohoku Earthquake at  Hankyu Department Store, Nishinomiya
Oct. 2012   twelfth one-woman exhibition at Gallery SHIMA, Nishinomiya, Shukugawa

Member of the Association of Calligraphers and Artists of China
Member of the Millet Friendship Society
Leader of the Xiaomei Painting Society

Her works are kept in the State Museum of China (formerly known as the Museum of Chinese History), and in private collections in China, Japan, Russia and the United States.

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